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I sometimes post about my ROM hacking efforts as @NinePinSoftware on Twitter.

Sonic 2 Versus Edition

Sonic 2 hacked for fun and fairness in versus mode

lol, Metropolis Zone isn't supposed to be there! It's just a test for a new zone theme I was working on. Oh well, enjoy a look BEHIND THE SCENES on a dead ROM hack.

vs. features: vs. fixes: General fixes: Peripheral changes:

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Sonic Spinball Controller Hack

This hack updates the controls for Sonic Spinball. Now it supports extra flipper controls on the shoulder buttons for:

Controls are as follows:
Mode XLeftTiltRightRight8bitdo adapter
Mode YTiltLeftRightRightLogic3 SG pads, SNES pads
Mode ZTiltLeftLeftRight8bitdo pads, Logic3 16 pads

Mode Z is the default. Select the mode by pressing the appropriate button (in short, the left shoulder button) on your pad on the Sega/title screen, or during cutscenes.

ABC act as normal, but default control scheme is changed to Left-All-Right, to support 8bitdo controllers.

You can also change the controls by pausing the game and holding up and then A/B/C/X/Y/Z. Pressing A/B/C will map the button that you press to all flippers, and pressing X/Y/Z will change the mode for the extra controls.

Left and right shoulders will always work correctly on the Saturn pad. THe analogue stick on the 3D pad is supported. Thanks to Sik for helping me sanity check my code.

Note for Mega SG users: If you are playing using a Saturn pad or using the Mode button, you need to enable passthrough mode in the system options. Saturn pads will not function at all without passthrough mode, and the Mode button will force 3 button mode if held down during gameplay.

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Game Gear to Master System ports

Did you even know that there's an ongoing community effort to port the Game Gear library to the Master System? I like to help out by fixing up the controls. Do a ctrl-f for "Wafer" on this page to see, I'll make a proper list later, honest.

L3-37: a multi-tool for Elite Dangerous

This is a plugin that can be used with EDMC or EDDiscovery via EDD-EDMC.


L3-37 on GitHub